Elle Wyatt is hovering between this world and the next.

The Anniversary Killer wants Lydia Janssen to have someone to mourn during The Day of the Dead Celebration. He’s given her three anniversary presents so far. “Who” will he present her with for the fourth?

Tennessee Deputy Sheriff Rick Hadley has a couple of unsolved murders. St. Louis Detectives Trish Rankin and John Hutsell have a stalking victim. As fate would have it, their cases are connected. The three investigators solve the case and gain national attention. They are celebrating in a St. Louis bar, when John receives a message from his aunt in Springfield, Missouri. “Elle’s in trouble again.” Out of a sense of family obligation, Hutsell begins a search for his cousin, Elle Wyatt. Hadley joins his friend and provides a new take on the ‘Elle’ situation.

Elle Wyatt doesn’t know it yet, but her greatest challenge won’t come from her past.

“If you were blown away by Almost Home, you better hold on to your life-line when you pick up Whispers.

Sharolynne Barth, The Dreamin' Tree


“When you read Debra Walden Davis’ Whispers, you are taken along to help the characters solve the problems in the story. Reading Debra’s writing is exciting.”

Douglas Perret Starr, PhD


Professor Emeritus of Communications

“The characters are so amazingly well written, no matter which walk of life you are on, you will identify with one of them. The emotional ‘action’ is unbelievable.”

Lauren Donica

Free-lance Writer

About the Author

Debra Walden Davis, the daughter of two army veterans, was born in 1953 at Ft. Lewis, Washington. She spent most of her life until the age of 15, on military bases due to her father’s military career.

She grew up in an atmosphere of patriotism and acute awareness of international affairs as her family was directly affected by what was happening in the world. In 1966, her father was deployed to Vietnam.  Walden Davis, along with her mother, brother and sister lived in Seligman, Missouri, while her father served his country. She graduated from Rogers Senior High School in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1972.

From 1972 through 1976, she attended Southwest Missouri State University (today Missouri State University), earning a B.S. in Ed in Vocational Home Economics. She was awarded a MS in Ed from SMSU in Social Sciences in 1981. She attended night classes and summer school sessions to increase her areas of certification and now holds lifetime Missouri teaching certificates in four areas including Secondary Physics. She retired from teaching in 2014.

Walden Davis likes to incorporate pop culture in her writing as it helps readers understand her characters. She feels song writers and screen writers deserve recognition as they are masters in bringing emotions to the surface. “One of my favorite examples: ‘Sometimes she’s caught between the woman that she is and the one she’s expected to be’ from Lee Roy Parnell’s ‘When a Woman Loves a Man’, composed by Rafe Van Hoy and Mark Luna. I dare someone to say it better in as many words.”

Debra lives in Southwest Missouri, where she loves watching classic movies, for as Steve Martin once said, “. . . all of life's riddles are answered in the movies.”

Baby Boomer Pop Culture

     1. Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In catchphrase, "Beautiful Downtown Burbank" originated from the show's announcer Gary Owens' days as a weather reporter.
     2. Writer Truman Capote wanted Marilyn Monroe to play Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn won the part.

     3. Paul McCartney wrote Peter and Gordon's hit "Woman" under the name Bernard Webb to see if the song would make the charts without The Beatles/Paul McCartney.

     4. Bob Denver, Maynard G. Krebs (a beatnik) in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, actually started out as a teacher.

     5. Mel Brooks and Buck Henry created  Agent 86 Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) in the TV sitcom Get Smart.

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