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Went For A Ride Kindle Cover 11 April 20

While serving in Afghanistan, Army Ranger Zane Carr is injured in an IED attack. Suffering the effects of a traumatic brain injury, Carr receives an honorable discharge and returns home to Highlandville, Missouri. Six years later he is killed in an auto accident.

High school classmates John Hutsell and Elle Wyatt aren’t the only ones providing support to Zane’s widow in the aftermath of his death. James Reyes, with a military background similar to her husband’s, steps in to help Randee Carr with the family’s small cattle ranch––or so she thinks. Family members and friends become alarmed as Reyes uses Randee’s grief to isolate her from those with her best interests at heart.

Suspecting Reyes guilty of identity theft, stolen valor and gaslighting, John Hutsell of Gambit Investigations in Springfield, Missouri, enlists the director of his crime lab, retired Army MP Lt. Colonel Todd Jayson, in a probe of Reyes’ military career.

Aware of Gambit’s efforts, Reyes seeks to derail Hutsell’s investigation. As the case reaches critical mass, Hutsell has one question: Is Randee Carr a victim of Reyes’ schemes or a willing participant?

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