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Sharolynne Barth

With fellow author and critique partner, Sharolynne Barth (The Dreamin’ Tree) at Garbo’s Pizzeria in Springfield, Missouri. Garbo’s is a favorite gathering spot for characters in Almost Home and Whispers.

garbos 2.JPG

From Whispers:

    Rick picked up his cell.

    “What’s the best pizza place in town, and what are your favorite toppings?” Rick asked Elle.

    “There are several good ones, but I’m partial to Garbo’s Pizzeria.”

    A text arrived. The address he’d given her was on Booneville near the Greene County Courthouse.

    “Style and toppings?”

    “Rick, Garbo’s is in the wrong direction.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered. Somebody here owes me a big favor and is going to play delivery boy.”

    “Not funny,” came a familiar voice from Hadley’s end.

    “What’s John doing there?” she asked.

    “Waiting for your order. You’re on speaker. Order anything you want. He’s footing the bill. I’m looking at their menu now,” he said. “So, we going for the combo deluxe or what?”

    “She’ll want Canadian bacon and pineapple,” John said in the background.

    “Pineapple? Are you sure?” Hadley asked John. Then to Elle, “Is that right, Elle? You like fruit on your pizza?”

    “As a matter of fact, I do.” Maybe she should just start a fight. That would end it fast enough. “What’s wrong with pineapple on pizza?”

    “You know, come to think about it, nothing,” he answered. “It’s got anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. The Vitamin C helps prevent cataracts, and several researchers feel it increases fertility.”

    “Oh brother,” said John.

    “Yeah, you’re welcome for the warning, John. Now Elle, is that all?”

    “Hey, John,” she said.


    “Add a house salad.”

    “Make that two,” said Rick.

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