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Clockwise from top left:

Author Sharolynne Barth (The Dreamin' Tree), me, my son, Kyle Davis, and Whispers consultant, Marshall Buffington at The Springfield Brewing Company, Springfield, MO. December 2018.

Outside Gailey's Breakfast Café with friends Jonathan Starr, Drew Tucker and Bryan Sanders. First Friday Art Walk, April 6, 2018. Springfield, MO. Jonathan and Drew lent their names for characters in Almost Home.

Jon Shellie.jpg

Hemingway's Blue Water Café in Springfield, MO.


"Jonathan Starr and Shellie Matheson" from Almost Home. October 22, 2019.


With Ra-Chelle Johnson. Think "Elle and Chelle" from Whispers and On the Border! November 4, 2019.

Chelle and Me.jpg
Dad as Clayton.jpg

    My dad Wayne Walden served as inspiration for the Clayton Roberts character in Whispers. Here he is showing how as a boy he would make a raincoat from the leaves of the Redbud Tree.

    Mark Twain National Forest near Seligman, Missouri, August 2018.

Jaws Almost Home.jpg

Almost Home got to go on a beach vacation with Marcy Ibrahim in December 2018.

Lt. Joe Kenda, Memes!

The following mems were created for Facebook group, Lt. Joe Kenda Memes.

Kenda Tess.jpg
Kenda Meme 2.jpg

Left: from a line in Almost Home.

Above: from a Whispers quote.

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