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There are people in this world who act and ask questions later. Some don't bother to ask questions at all.

February 15, 2019 is an icy night in a small town outside Springfield, Missouri, when State Senator Claire Nelson Hutsell feels a homeless man has taken refuge in her greenhouse. Wary of her name being on the airwaves, she calls her son, a former Greene County deputy, to come and quietly handle the situation. But instead of a homeless man, John Hutsell, and his partner Rick Hadley, discover a young woman with a barcode tattoo.

    Believing the tattooed woman is a victim of sex-trafficking, they set out to find her true identity and those responsible. In need of a female presence, Hutsell cousin Elle Wyatt is called in along with medical professional Jenise Alexander, whom Elle describes as the woman most assumed in the summer of 2013, would become Mrs. John Hutsell.

    The case broadens to include a murder and another victim with close ties to Hutsell. He is no longer reined in by law enforcement––how far will John Hutsell go to find the man at the top?

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