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Up close and personal with Eric Erdman at Dean's Dive in Rogers, Arkansas. 06/18/2020

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The first time I saw Eric Erdman was at the City Winery in Nashville on February 15, 2019.  Eric opened for Radney Foster (see Foster's page under photos). After two numbers, I knew Eric deserved an Elle Wyatt mention. The perfect opportunity came when Elle realized she was the one who needed to change. Excerpt from ON THE BORDER:


Rick Hadley held the door open for Gambit’s secretary as she left for the day. He locked up and headed to his office. He sat down to respond to an earlier email and noticed a new message in his inbox. He looked at the sender’s name. There wasn’t a subject heading. He checked its arrival time: 5:04 p.m. It was now 5:06. Rick leaned back in his chair and tapped his index fingers on the edge of his desk as he contemplated the repercussions of opening her message. He finally placed the curser on the entry and double clicked.

   “Thought you would enjoy this singer/songwriter.” A YouTube video address was included. Rick followed the link. A man named Eric Erdman was sitting in a chair. A sly grin crossed the man’s face as he began playing a guitar. The tune was upbeat even though it told of a lovers’ quarrel. Rick finally ‘got it’ when Erdman reached the chorus.

   “We’ve been down this road before, but I didn’t mind the drive. If two wrongs don’t make a right, then how about three or four or five.”

   Rick listened till the end. He found himself smiling with Erdman as the artist sang the last few lines.

   “I know back then we had a fight, but when it comes to me and you. If two wrongs don’t make a right, come home with me tonight, and we’ll find out how many do.”

Rick typed a reply. “He’s good. How’d you find him?”

   As he waited for a response to his email, his cell vibrated. He picked up the phone and tapped the message icon. “A friend in Nashville.”

   “Thanks for passing on the link,” he messaged back.

   “Where’s John?”

   “In Memphis. Why? You need something?”

   “Is the back door security code still the same?”

   Rick put his cell in his pocket. He walked down the hall to the rear entrance and opened the door.

   “How many times do you think it will take?” he asked, referring to Erdman’s song.


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