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With Gretchen Peters at the City Winery, Nashville, Tennessee. 11/29/2019

Gretchen wrote "Let That Pony Run", a hit from Pam Tillis. This scene is shown on the "Whispers" cover. Excerpt:

   Elle went downtown to listen to some live folk music. At nine-thirty she got in her car and drove to North Boonville and pulled into the small parking lot across from Gambit Investigations. The upstairs light was on. She watched a shadow in front of a shaded window.
   Elle knew all she had to do was knock on the door and she’d be welcomed inside. But she couldn’t take Chelle’s advice and climb those stairs. Elle watched until the lights went out. She remembered her conversation with Chelle as the lines of a Pam Tillis song echoed the ‘excuse’ she’d given herself for walking out on Rick several days ago. “You do what you gotta do . . . when you know what you know . . .” Elle started the Caddy. “. . . when it’s all said and done . . . you let that pony run.” Chelle didn’t understand. It wasn’t about what Rick could give her, it was about what she couldn’t give him.
   She put the car into drive and drove into the night.

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