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Law Enforcement Training

Debra Walden Davis holds certificates of completion in the following POST (Police Officer Standards and Training) approved classes from Weber and Associates, Salem, MO:

Mo Police Chiefs 1.jpg

With instructors at the Missouri Federation of Police Chiefs Annual Conference, Branson, MO August 5-8, 2020.

L-R Chris Cooley, Mark Bailey, Debra Walden Davis, Gary Hacker, Luke Parker, Darren Dake.

Not pictured: Joseph Weber.

Courtroom Security                         Active Shooter

Supervisor's Legal Issues                Taser Recertification

Racial Profiling                                  Team Wellness

De-escalation                                     Cognitive Impairment

Firearms Retention                          Tactical Knife

Advanced Detecting Deception

Weber and Associates

 Enjoyed visiting with Lake Tapawingo, MO's Police Chief, Tammy Taylor. Chief Taylor is known for her great investigative skills and talking one-on-one with citizens.

MO POlice Chiefs 2.jpg
MO Police Chiefs.jpg

These men answered countless questions and offered some comic relief. Thank you (L-R): Lt. Jonathan Counts, Salem, MO PD. Police Chief John (Joe) Chase. Salem, MO. Police Chief Trevor Pulley, Dexter, MO

I spent three days learning how to analyze written statements with law enforcement professionals from Missouri and Illinois. Kudos to instructor Maj. Mark Bailey for an engaging class at the Death Investigation Academy in Cuba, MO. 1/22/21

Mark B Me (2).jpg
Truth Detection (2).jpg

Thank you to my fellow classmates who contributed their lunch time to help me plot crucial parts of Went for a Ride

Here we are on the last day of class at Weber and Associates Death Investigation Academy, Cuba, MO. 1/22/21

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