On the Border - Great front porch reading this summer with Karen Evans Eckert in Northwest Arkansas

Anthony Fabbiano and Brandy Auricchio with On the Border, in Battlefield, MO.  Anthony appeared as himself as John Hutsell's go-to guy in On the Border

Tori Hull on Hyde Road, which served for the fictional Cooper's Hawk Road in Almost Home in Yellow Springs, Ohio!

Kathy Huff with Whispers outside Panera in Springfield, Missouri. Characters are known to order Pick Two from Panera's menu.

Ra-Chelle Johnson in Phelps Grove Park, Springfield, MO. Black, beautiful, and educated, Ra-Chelle's influence is seen in the relationship between best friends, Elle and Chelle in Whispers and On the Border.

"I am the REAL Jonathan Starr", announced Jonathan Starr when he posted this photo in Phelps Grove Park. John Hutsell buys a home in the Phelps Grove Division in On the Border. Jonathan donated his name for the main male character in Almost Home.

Judy Hoke White at a Peoria, Illinois, HyVee Market Grille.

Judy suggested this venue for a meeting John Hutsell and Greg Baptiste have with a young woman in On the Border. It was the the perfect spot!

Jeff Mathus in St. Louis where Tennessee Deputy Hadley joins detectives Hutsell and Rankin in The Anniversary Killer Case. Jeff came up with bad guy moniker!

In On the Border, Gambit Investigations reunites a young woman with her grandfather in Talent, Oregon. Here Sandy Kircher poses at Talent's welcome sign! 

Dale Walden, his wife Terry and friend Nick LaRusso in front of Multnomah Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. The Falls provide a clue to help identify a woman in On the Border.

St. Louis Cardinals Stadium is the backdrop for Drew Tucker and Almost Home. It is at a minor league Cardinals game where Elle Wyatt decides to take a chance on Rick Hadley in Whispers.

My dad Wayne Walden in Seligman, MO.  Dad served as the model for character Clayton Roberts in Whispers. Roberts helps John Hutsell as he searches for a body in the Mark Twain National Forest.

Cindy Biggs at Springfield-Branson National Airport with "Almost Home". Jonathan Starr surprises Shellie Matheson at this airport after she returns from Dayton, Ohio.

Anthony Thompson appears as himself in "Almost Home". Here he is in front of McDonalds in Battlefield, MO where he never failed to put a smile on Shellie Matheson's face.

Heather Heinrichs is another 'for real' person from a Debra Walden Davis novel.  Here she is in front of Mojo Pie Salon in Springfield, Missouri. Heather and Mojo Pie are supportive of Harmony House, an actual domestic abuse shelter in Southwest Missouri.

Pat Berndt Mccollum from Florida sent this photo of Almost Home in her favorite reading spot - her grandfather's rocking chair.  She surrounded the chair with science themed books, as both Pat and Shellie Matheson are retired science teachers.

"Look Familiar?" asks international selling artist, Bryan Sanders.

It should, as this building is on the cover of "Whispers". During the planning stages of the book, Bryan suggested this building in Springfield, Missouri house Gambit Investigations and the loft for Rick Hadley's residence.