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Lee Roy Parnell

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Lee Roy Parnell is one of those entertainers who loves meeting his fans as much as they love meeting him. Thank you, Lee Roy, for a fantastic night of music and the special moments after.

City Winery in Nashville.  08/09/2023

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Excerpt from Whispers:


   Rick Hadley walked into Earhart’s Tavern and spotted John Hutsell sitting at a corner table with a man he recognized as Greg Baptiste.

   “Hello, John,” he said when he reached the two.

   Both men at the table stood. John introduced Greg as his oldest friend, and the two new acquaintances shook hands.

   The three exchanged career histories, with a few personal stories of Hutsell and Baptiste thrown in for comic relief.

They’d just left the bar when Greg began a new topic of conversation.

   “Saw Elle Monday. She dropped by with lunch for Chelle. They were laughing so loud I could hear them in the reception area. She was definitely in good spirits.”

   “And she will be until the next incident,” said John as they walked to their vehicles.

   “Well, I do know she had an appointment with Sarah Bennett this week,” Greg said.

   “We’ve been down this road before Greg. How long will this round of therapy last?”

   “Even one session is better than none,” said a hopeful Greg.

   “Yes, if she’s not just going through the motions,” John said.

   They reached Hadley’s vehicle first. He opened the door of his truck, leaned on it and said, “You know, I heard a song on the way to Springfield this morning, and there was this one lyric that has stayed with me: ‘Sometimes she’s caught between the woman that she is and the one she’s expected to be’.”

   He got in the Silverado and drove off. Hutsell and Baptiste remained silent for several moments. Finally, Greg spoke up.

   “It often takes someone from the outside to point out the truth.”

   “And you’ve got to hand it to him for the way he does it––like, he’s almost in your face, but not quite.” John added.

   “Makes you think, doesn’t he?” Greg said as a statement rather than a question. “You know John, I’d be willing to bet he’s had Elle on his mind since they met.”

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