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Lee  Child

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With best-selling author Lee Child in Stillwater, Oklahoma, November 9, 2018. The evening inspired a scene in “Whispers” (What an interesting book on the table.).

    The Friday before Christmas, all except Rick were gathered in John’s office at Gambit Investigations.

    “Hammer’s six-five, about 210 and he can give the ‘look,’ said Elle. “Yeah, I gotta go with Armie Hammer.”

    “Who’s Armie Hammer?” asked Rick, as he entered the room.

   “Elle’s suggestion to be the new Jack Reacher,” replied John.

     “Author Lee Child is asking for suggestions on who should play Jack Reacher in a new cable TV series,” Chelle said. “You’re six-four, Rick. What do you think––see yourself as Reacher?”

     “He’ll have to bulk up,” Greg commented with a smile.

    “Nah, won’t work.” John said. “Rick’s too pretty.”

      “Oh, we can ugly him up,” Elle said.

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