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With Will Tucker at BB King's Blues Club on Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee. July 20, 2019.

Thanks to Will Tucker for granting permission to use the lyrics of "You Can't Talk Me Into Loving You" in On the Border.

   A song playing in the background caught Greg’s attention. He started laughing. 

   “What’s so funny?” John asked.

   “Too bad that song wasn’t around when Angie was chasing you in high school,” Greg said. “Listen to the chorus.”

   The singer’s words were strong and clear. “I don’t need a mother, I don’t need another lover, I don’t need another life-long friend.”

   Elle nudged Chelle and whispered, “It gets even better.”

   “I need a woman that’ll listen when I tell her what’s going down. I need a woman that won’t follow me all over town. I need a girl that knows that a man’s got to have his space.”

   “I handled the situation just fine,” John said. “After our ‘talk,’ Angie left me alone.”

   “You may think your words did the trick, John, but I think the real reason Angie quit dogging you had more to do with Elle standing behind you giving her the eye.”

   John looked at his cousin. “So that’s why Angie’s mother hates you?”

   Elle shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

   “Hut-one, Hut-two,” Greg said and turned his attention back to the music.” This guy’s good. Who is he?”

   “Will Tucker."

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