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Radney Foster

Me Radney (2).jpg

    With Radney Foster, at Lone Star Laua in Conroe, Texas, February 4, 2023. Radney’s music is featured in both Whispers and Almost Home. In Whispers, Rick tells Elle, Foster’s Another Way to Go CD is his Revelation Road.
“He can do heartbreak, humor, and social consciousness,” he said. Elle heard the sound of a steel guitar before he finished his thought. “But most of all, he does love.”

Radney Autograph.jpg

    Elle awoke to the sound of music. Rick had a repeat feature on his media player and Foster’s CD had been playing throughout the night. She could hear the singer’s words clearly as he challenged the listener to explain, “Why God put love in hearts if we're not supposed to try?” and then asked the question, “Baby, what are we doin' here tonight?”

    Elle lay beside Rick and realized she didn’t have an answer for Foster or Rick; most important, she didn’t have one for herself.

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